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Jordyn Rizzo (Pit Chorus)

Jordyn is a sophomore at Thomas High School. She has been involved in singing and drama for the past four years in both school and community programs. Jordyn takes voice lessons at the Eastman School of Music, ECS program. She has been awarded High Achievement in chorus and nominated to All-County Chorus 2009, 2011 and 2013, and Regional All-State Chorus 2011. She has performed in numerous select choirs and showcases, as well as in the annual Solofest where she scored a perfect 28/28 in 2011. Jordyn has earned dramatic roles as Snow White in “The Ever After” (Willink, 2011); Witch Wicked in “Snow White” (R.A.P.A., 2011); and she was a proud member of the ensemble in “Hello Dolly” (Thomas, 2012). Jordyn hopes to study music and law in college.

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